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Sortimo by Knapheide At The 2016 Work Truck Show

March 29th, 2016

The 2016 Work Truck Show hosted its highest attendance in event history, which made it the perfect place for Sortimo By Knapheide to announce the addition of new products and options to its Exxpand program to the public.

Exxpand is a program for ready-to-market products and is the easiest way for customers to organize their vans and optimize their operations. These new products solidify Sortimo By Knapheide’s leadership position in the market as an innovative solutions provider with a focus on organization and mobility.

The Sortimo By Knapheide line-up on display included a 2016 Ram ProMaster 159 wheelbase, high roof van, which was upfitted with the new sliding door version of our Protexx Partitions. The advantage of a sliding door partition over a traditional swing door partition is that it requires less clear floor space to open and close the door.

The Ram ProMaster also displayed Sortimo By Knapheide’s new shelving offerings. Our initial launch of Shelf Staxx included shelving in two widths and two heights. These new offerings are all about maximizing the usable storage space in the van. We have added Shelf Staxx models that are 68" tall which will optimize the full height of high roof vans. We have also added a narrow Shelf Staxx (approximately 20" wide) to fit in small unused spaces in the van.

Included in the new shelving offered by Sortimo By Knapheide a shelving system developed especially for the requirements of courier, express, and parcel delivery service providers called FLEXX Rack. FLEXX Rack is a modular, drop-down shelving and cargo management system all in one. FLEXX Rack can be configured uniquely for every vehicle. Each shelf can be adjusted in both height and in the inclination angle.

Also included in the Sortimo By Knapheide line-up was a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris 126 wheelbase, standard roof which included an ABS thermoformed plastic Protexx Partition. These partitions are about half the weight of a traditional steel partition. They are designed to fit the contour of the B-pillar area of the van which isolates the passenger area from the cargo area. This isolation helps with both noise control as well as climate control in the passenger compartment. With the addition of new partitions, Sortimo By Knapheide now has a complete lineup of partitions for all cargo vans in the North American market.

A 2016 Chevy City Express 115 wheelbase, standard roof was also on display in the Sortimo By Knapheide Booth along with a 2015 Ford Transit 148 wheelbase, high roof van. These vans both featured upfits that are products of the custom design service now offered by Sortimo By Knapheide. When a solution is not available with Exxpand, our design professionals will work directly with distributors, dealers, and end customers to develop a cargo organization system that is custom-tailored to the way the end customer uses their vehicle. In a custom solution, all Sortimo products can be utilized to develop the right package that meets the needs of the customer.

These custom upfits included a new product from Sortimo By Knapheide called MAXX Drawers. MAXX Drawers offer plenty of storage space and are perfect for storing heavy equipment or bulky materials in the van. Placing these drawers close to the vehicle door openings allows the user to easily load and unload items into them without having to get into the van. MAXX Drawers are modular and many solutions can be created by either mounting the drawers side by side or stacking them on top of one another and choosing the appropriate top plate or top shelf for the application.

In addition to the new offerings listed above, Sortimo By Knapheide added new Axxessories, such as Staxx slides, multi slides, drawers, and cabinet doors. All of these new accessory offerings focus on the key principles of Sortimo By Knapheide, which are organization and mobility.

“Since our relaunch of the Sortimo By Knapheide program at the 2014 Work Truck Show, we have seen excellent results,” said Haily Meyer, product manager for Sortimo By Knapheide. “In that first year, the offering was very basic and included Shelf Staxx, Protexx Partitions, and some initial Boxxes and Axxessories,” said Meyer. “In 2015, we released many additional Boxxes and Axxessories along with our ProPaxx vocational packages. This 2016 release is our biggest since the relaunch and we are very excited with the opportunities that come with these new products,” Meyer added.